Fire Insurance

Covers losses/damages to buildings and contents therein resulting from fire, and related perils including lightening, floods, storm, tempest, earthquakes, subterranean fire, bush fire, busting & overflowing water appliances, aircraft and aerial devices and droppings there from, impact damage, malicious damage, riots, strikes & civil commotion.

Industrial All Risks (IAR)

This cover is suitable for industrial establishments. It is an All Risks cover for all property of the insured covered for losses and damages due to fire and allied perils (property damage, and loss of profits) and burglary of stocks within agreed limits.


Covers losses resulting burglary.

All Risk Covers

Provides indemnity for loss/damage to portable office and personal effects like laptops, cell phones, etc. against all perils not specifically excluded in the policy. The cover is not restricted to the premises.